Baby Blankets!

They are off the loom, sewn and washed/dried twice, and I have to say, I LOVE how they feel!  It's so surprising, but these blankets woven with carpet warp are so very soft, and substantial, without being too heavy.

I used 8/2 unmercerized cotton for the green hem, and, while I couldn't quite match the color to the warp, the hems are nicely thin.  Because of that, they were a bit harder to deal with once off the loom.

My photography mojo is off today, so the next shots aren't so great.  I was shooting using my ironing board, which was most likely a mistake.

The green blanket ended up being 36.75 inches by 32.25 inches.  Quite a bit of shrinkage..

The purple hems were woven using carpet warp, and yes, they are thicker, but appropriately so, in my opinion.  I had a small area where I changed my beat and so the cloth is a bit darker there - I have to work on that!

Again, some not-great photos;

The purple blanket measures 38 inches by 32.25.  The selvedges on both are actually very straight, even though some of these photos makes them appear to be quite crooked.

I really loved making them, and since as far as I know I still do not have any grandkids on the way, these will be available at the craft fair in August.  Not sure if I will bother to list them in my Etsy shop, but please let me know if you're interested in these wonderful blankets!

Instead of the towels that I need to weave before the fair, I am starting another set of baby blankets using carpet warp. These will be plain weave, so a fast project, but presently they are s-s-s-l-l-l-o-o-o-w-w-w.  There are a lot of color changes in the warp, so I really have to take my time.  It's hard for me to work slowly when time matters, but again, I'm working on that too!


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