Choices, Choices

This will be a photo-heavy post, as I have just spent half of a day trying to finalize some color options for a broken twill baby blanket warp.  Thanks to Peg, a faithful reader, I perused a site which has all kinds of inspirations.  Thanks, Peg!!

Here are my two color family choices.  I would hope to weave at least 2 blankets on this warp, so I have a couple of weft choices as well.

Option 1:  first, the inspiration pic (yep, it's Nemo!);

and the draw downs;

Option 2 inspiration pic:

and the draw downs;

Please note that I tried as best as I could to match the colors represented in the palettes with the available colors of yarn by taking screen shots of the yarn to obtain the hex and RGB codes, then inputting those into my weaving software.

So, whatcha think???


  1. My personal fav is draw down #1 from Nemo palette - I love it! No matter what you choose, they'll all be beautiful.


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