Next project underway!

Just a quick post to show progress on a new (to me) and different sort of project.

I didn't create this draft; it was kindly shared on a Facebook Inkle group.  Isn't it great?  And the bands themselves weave up so quickly!  I started the actual weaving yesterday evening, by mid morning today, I had 4-10 inch bands, separated and sewn.

The elastic you see was necessary, as there were 121 ends in this draft, and that really stretched my mini inkle to its limit.  I'm still waiting for my larger inkle loom to arrive.

Next, finished objects, I hope!


  1. That's very nice. I've only woven a tiny bit of inkle, and while I do hope to do more in the future, I admit that I was at least a bit put off by the amount of time needed to prepare the warp, especially for such a nice draft as yours. The weaving goes quickly, the warping is - to me - painful.


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