Living Room

Here are some quickly snapped photos of the living room after being painted.  They were taken in the middle of warping the next project onto the loom, and none of the pictures/paintings are up, but you get the idea.

First, pre-paint.  This is how the living room has looked since we bought the house many years ago.

You can see the bit of green where I got the excess paint off of the brush after painting the stairwell.

And today:

I'd love to hear people's opinions about that double entry with the brown painted trim that you can see on the right.  The dining room, which is on the other side of that entry, has all darkish brown stained trim.  This entryway is stained on the dining room side and the underside that is parallel with the floor, but the side that faces the living room is painted brown.  As I was painting the ultra white trim in the LR, I voiced that I thought we should paint over the brown paint, and leave the stained parts unchanged.  Two members of my family voted that down, saying that it would look "weird."  In my mind, the brown paint looks awful.  What do you all think?

Looking towards the west wall with the new windows:

You can see that it is a vast improvement over how it looked before.  And that the loom pretty much takes up the whole room.  There's an old wooden rocking chair nearer to the corner that you can't see because it's behind the warping Square, and on which one of the cats is usually napping.  This other chair used to be by the entry into the room, where the spinning wheel is now, and my hubby would sit in it while on the phone occasionally.  I like the new location, mostly because it makes the entry less cluttered.

As for that warp, it is on the sectional beam, and so far, I'm loving the colors!

Threading is up next - not my favorite part, but with these colors on this soft Supima yarn, it might be a bit more enjoyable!


  1. Lovely colors on your warp beam! My vote is to use the white paint on the trim, it will open up the area and look nice and fresh.

  2. I would never paint over previously natural wood, but I have no such compunction, and in fact find it appropriate, when there's already been painted woodwork. Might white paint on the doorway look a bit odd when combined with the other stained sections? Perhaps. But it would make the living room/studio look much better. And after a while, any potential oddness would seem normal. And hey, even if it didn't, you could always repaint it brown. I say go for it.

    And I, too, love the colors on your sectional beam!


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