I've just completed knitting my handspun, hand dyed socks this week!  They were worked on mostly after dinner, while sitting and watching the news.  I'm not sure why, but I really love to watch the news, even though the information itself has been quite troubling of late. Anyway, I don't need to watch it as much as listen, so I sit and knit.

After completing them, I soaked them in Euclalan for a bit, spun them in my washer, and now they are hanging on a little mitten stand, drying.  Or "drying," I should say, because we are having a very wet, warm, gray day here in Maine.  Luckily, for my socks, the temps are going to plummet this evening, so we'll start the woodstove, which will dry my socks in no time.  Our winter weather this year has been so wacky - you could get whiplash trying to keep up.  Temps are expected to go sub-zero Friday morning, then 30's over the weekend, working up to 60's by next Wednesday!  Not a typical Maine winter, for which I am grateful after the last two, harsh ones, but still...

Here they are pre-soak, and now that I look at the photo, I'm just noticing the vast difference in how the colors are distributed.  I must have done the dye job differently, even though I was trying to be consistent.  Oh well, I guess I will have no trouble telling them apart!

And this is what I had left (that is a business card, for scale);

I've learned to knit my toes and heels with millspun and smaller needles to help prevent holes, but in this case, it's a good thing I did, because I don't think I'd have had enough yarn to finish the job.  Next on the needles will be, yes, another pair of socks, this time from one of the skeins that I received for Christmas.  Maybe I'll look into that this weekend.

As for weaving news, I have completed weaving the competition baby wrap.  After going over it with a magnifying glass, I saw a couple of places where a mistreadling was apparent, so I am needle-weaving in the missed weft rows.  Once I'm done, the wrap will be wet finished, dried and ironed.

Photography of this wrap is puzzling me a bit, because my usual static shots of a folded or rolled wrap won't show off one of it's prettiest elements.  I'm struggling to come up with a way to do this without a live model handy, so that will be the next hump to overcome.  The final photo collages are due March 24th, so I have a bit of time. But taxes still need to be done. and there are still extra meetings at work next week for our software system upgrade, so free time is a fleeting thing here. Just keep plugging away at it...