On Hold

Since last blogging, I've run short of the ink blue yarn that is one of the main colors in the baby wrap warp, so I ordered some pronto.  Unfortunately, it has taken it's good sweet time getting here, so most weaving has stopped altogether.  Very frustrating for me, since my time is already quite fractured. I'm hoping this week it will arrive, and warping will restart.  In the meantime, I have gotten out my spindle and spent a bit of time here and there with some wool, mohair, nylon that I purchased quite awhile ago to use for hand knitted socks.  I love the pairs I have already knit over the years, but find that on the coldest days, hand spun wool/nylon socks aren't quite as warm as ones knitted from commercial wool/nylon.  After inquiring on some knitting sites, adding mohair was highly recommended, so I purchased some and promptly set it aside while I went on with other things.  It is undyed as well, so after I spin it all I'll have some dyeing to do.  The mohair is very fly-away, so every spinning session ends with me covered in fine, off-white fibers.  Fun!

No new photos of this, but here are a couple I took when I first started spinning it - not sure when these were taken.

I love how easy it is to pick this up and spin for a minute here and there, as opposed to my wheel, which is harder for me to use.  I've been winding each ply off of the spindle into a small ball.  Once I have all three plies spun, I wind them together into a plying ball, which I then twist using my wheel.

It's a nice set up for me.  Projects like this, ones I have to concentrate on, help me cope with difficult times.  I was at work when I found out about the terrorist attacks on Paris, and we all were looking for information where we could.  Of course, this brought back many feelings and memories of 9/11, so by the time I got home, I was very sad indeed.  My heart goes out to all affected by these latest attacks.  So senseless.  Sitting and working to make this fiber into yarn just settles me somehow.  I'm very grateful that I have things in my life like this.

Next blog will be more colorful, I promise!