Safe to Say???

Winter is over.  I'm almost afraid to say it out loud, lest Mother Nature hears me and decides that one last storm is due.

Do you remember this photo?

And this one, showing the actual pile from the outside...

and the inside?

I can happily say that after a week and a half of temps above normal, meaning the 50's and 60's, plus several more in the 40's, this is what is left of the pile;

It is a testament to the winter that there is this much left this late in April, but it's nice to have a full view out the kitchen window again!  Soon the grass will be green, and there will be color in our lives again!!

The baby wrap is safely in the hands of its owner, who let me know that it suited her very well indeed! She quickly sent a couple of photos at my request, and agreed to let me share them here. Yes, they are a bit blurry, but it warms my heart to see a mama and her baby snuggled up in a wrap that I created just for them!

It is not everyone that can say that they love their job, and their other job!!  How lucky am I??

In other weaving news, I just finished warping the Baby Wolf for a set of 6 turned twill towels for the consignment shop. They will be like these;

I'm also having a bit of an adventure in sewing right now.  I'm attempting to make a wallet from the "Necessary Clutch Wallet" pattern available on the Emmaline Bags website (  I've seen a few online, and thought it might be nice to weave some extra fabric every now and then, especially when I'm making a wrap, and be able to offer a wallet with the wrap.  If the mama wasn't interested, it could be posted in my shop.  They can be made as a clutch, or with a wrist or shoulder strap, and they are able to hold a large cellphone, as well as IDs, cards, money...  I'm not much of a sewer, but I'm giving it a go as time allows, and will post the completed wallet when I'm done with this prototype, which I am sewing from store bought material, in case things don't work out great.  They may come in handy as stock at the craft fair in August, as well.