Quick Catch Up

I'm very excited right now, because I just sold my Leclerc counterbalance loom!  This is the one that's been for sale since getting my Glimakra CM in September.  It has been sitting against our fireplace in the living room ever since, which is also the room where the big Glimakra resides, so it has been crowded in there, to say the least.  Anyone that knows me knows that clutter makes me anxious. so except for when I'm weaving, the "living room" has been handed over to the cats.  They sleep on the couch in there during the afternoon, and run through it regularly when they're not.  While I don't see us taking their lair away any time soon, it is such a relief to give that loom to someone who will use it! The buyer is from New Brunswick, and they drove down today (4.5 hour drive) in their Honda CRV.  I don't know how, but the loom somehow fit in the back, and they are on their way home.  She's never woven before, so I'm sure she is in for years of learning and having fun!

Because the Glimakra is so huge, and the Leclerc hadn't been sold yet, I thought I would bring the tiniest bit of holiday cheer into the house, so I did this in lieu of a tree;

Other than that, I've been chipping away at the baby wrap warp.  I managed to finish winding the warp, one bout at a time, and loading each one onto the sectional beam.  I learned a lot from that experience, and each bout went on better than the previous one did.  Unfortunately, now that I'm threading the heddles, those early bouts are showing their ugly side.  Some of the ends are crossed, so threading in order is a nightmare, and I'm sure that I will run into other issues along the way because of it.  I love the colors, though, and it is definitely going to be a bright, fun wrap!

My vacation is coming to a close soon, so all things weaverly will be coming to a crawl.  I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate!  I hope it is filled with family, fun, joy, and much laughter!!