Rainbow's End!

They're done!! And I'm SO happy about how they turned out!  They have a bit of drape due to the hand of the fabric, the selvedges are woven at a more dense sett for better support, and they weigh under 2 lbs each, so they are light enough to use even in this heat we've been having!

The black weft really makes the colors POP!

 The charcoal weft made the wrap more subtle but still very colorful.

I even managed to list them for sale on my website, complete with weft options and paypal button.  Not bad for an old(er) broad!  http://www.threadbaredesigns.com/.

I've been working on these for what seems like a long time, so now I get to shift gears and weave up some other goodies that have been marinating in the back of my mind.  Hmmmm...