Charcoal It Is!

As I came to the end of the first of two wraps on the present warp, I put out a quick poll on both my personal and business FB pages asking whether I should use the same black weft for the second wrap or go with charcoal.  Personally, I feel like the charcoal washes out the colors, and I'm a big fan of vivid colors, so I would have gone with black, but the majority chose charcoal, so here it is.

The lighter line you can see just above the bottom of the photo is the breast beam, not an anomaly in the weft.  These wraps will be nice and light, great for summer wearing!

I'm still struggling with whether to keep my website or just the blog.  I SO want the website to work, but from everything I've seen, I can only post new information at the bottom of the page, not at the top. This would mean that every time someone went there, they would see old news before the new.  My younger son, who is a programmer, said that I would have to change code to make it work.  Of course, HE could probably do it, but he doesn't like working on web sites.  Well, I didn't particularly like giving birth to him either - just sayin'.