So, I finished the project from, well, H-E-double toothpicks, and I do like the finished product.  A nine yard warp gave me three finished scarves, woven to ~75" plus hems, plus another yard of fabric.  The cloth is slightly more dense than my usual tencel scarves due to the EPI, but they still have a glorious drape.  As usual, photos do not do them justice.

The light mint green really goes well with the black warp, I think.  For the last yard, I decided to try a turquoise weft.

Not sure what I'll do with this, but I have a decorative pin winging its way to me to see if I like the combination.

I've also finished spinning the fiber I'm hoping to use as a sweater.  To recap, after combining 2 6.2 ounce braids of Julie Spins Faulkland

with 4 ounces of Spunky Eclectic BFL

 I ended up with ~1720 yards of 2 ply, fingering weight-ish yarn.

You can clearly see the 2 skeins with the BFL, although there is purple in each skein.  A question for all you experienced knitters out there.  What are some ways to knit something like this and not have the color progressions look like wide stripes?  I've heard of changing skeins every other row - could you also change it at other intervals?  Can you just carry the other skein, not with the row like in color work, but vertically where you change skeins, or should you leave ends to weave in?  Is there a way to somehow think ahead for the sleeves so that they are not totally out of sync with the body?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  And why, oh why, am I now struggling with a bit of fear to actually use this yarn?? I've done my swatch (kind of..) and found a pattern I think will work.  Probably I'm afraid it won't work out, or I'll run out of yarn, but I find myself thinking about using my skeins of Kool-Aid dyed yarn to start some nice, safe socks.

Next on the loom, some quicky cotton/bamboo scarves in my "random" theme. These should work up quickly so that I can get a couple out to shops with the aforementioned Falling Leaves scarves.  I'm loving this short burst of brisk dry weather we are having, so it will be a challenge to work at the loom, but must get some scarves out before the REAL leaves start falling!!