Not Much Progress...

to report, I'm afraid.  Still trying to get the Falling Leaves scarves woven up.  I've been busy/distracted by several commitments related to work, community band, and yes, housekeeping.  I just finished weaving the first one yesterday, and was amazed at the increased amount of weft needed just for one scarf.  Usually I get away with 2-2.5 pirns per scarf when weaving with 8/2 tencel.  This time I'm using the same material, but the sett is closer, so the increased over/under is really eating up the weft.  I used 3.5 for the first scarf alone.  Lots and lots of pirn winding in my future, unfortunately.

Per a reader's request, here is a photo of the draft for Falling Leaves.  I did not create it - it was kindly shared by a weaver on Ravelry who's ravatar is "tonigatland" (

Believe it or not, I've been on vacation for the last week and a half, yet still been too busy to even come close to accomplishing what I'd hoped I would.  It's only during these last 5 days that my other commitments have not had a hold on me and I've been able to relax a bit.  Where does the time go???