Shawl Woven!

I decided to go with the 10/2 bamboo as weft for this shawl, and what a quick weave! I wove to 90", and just finished hand hemstitching.  How's this for happy fringe??

I think I will try to do some knot work rather than straight fringe twisting, but I may change my mind after I tie a few.

The weather here has been abysmal, at least in my book - hot, hot hot and very humid.  Temps were around 90 all day, and while it's always a bit humid here on the coast of Maine, but the humidity is usually tempered by a lovely sea breeze.  Not a breath of it this time around.  I've come to a rather sobering realization with all this heat.  I am, ahem, of a certain age where activity in the great outdoors under these conditions is not conducive to then staying up all night, working, and being able to be at the top of my game.

The next town over does the 4th of July in a big way, and one of the activities is a big parade.  The community band that I play in has always participated, and we ride on a big flatbed with a plastic awning, so it's not even like we're marching!!  We did have to sit around in the heat for an hour or so before we started moving, and that coupled with the hot "breeze" that was generated with movement was hard on this "old-er broad."  I came home afterwards, hydrated, and rested, but my brain never really caught up with me, so I think from now on, when the heat is on, I stay home.

On to the remaining towels, with fan firmly planted in front of my face!!