Bad, bad blogger1

I know it's been a long time since I blogged.  It's not that I haven't been doing things fibery, but life has gotten in the way more times than I would like, so I've put it aside whenever I've thought about it.  This will be a short post, but I promise I will try to be more consistent.

The latest fiber fun I've had was spindle spinning up some Romney, dyed in the "Gunsmoke" colorway from Spunky Eclectic (  It was a bit of a challenge for several reasons.   First, I wanted to spin a worsted weight yarn, or even a bit thicker, instead of my usual MUST.TRY.FOR.THINNER.YARN mode.  I was successful - mostly - except the trade off was consistency. I was so worried about getting too thin that I overcompensated and it got thicker.  And thicker.  I know that the knitting will hide it a bit, but it's definitely something I have to work towards improving.

Here's a photo of the lovely fiber:

And here's an in-progress photo:

I decided to chain ply it, so here it is on the spindle:

And the first 2 oz, ready to be wet finished:

All in all, I ended up with 149 yds from 4 ounces.  The colors in the above photos are true to life; the final skeins photo is too blue for some reason:

I decided to knit a hat; just something quick to keep my hands busy:

It will be an easy knit, and make a soft squishy hat!

On the weaving front, I've started another bamboo/tencel scarf in the Maltese Cross design,

I'm about half done with this, and then I think I will warp for some more 10/2 random color towels.  They were so much fun to weave.

I kept my jury date this time, so on Tuesday I put on my Big Girl Panties and forged ahead.  The judges were very nice and complimentary, though the first question was why were my prices so low?  I'm so shy and unsure of myself, that I stammered an answer that, upon retrospect, could have been better by far, but it's too late now.  I wait 2 weeks to hear whether they might want to sell some of my things in their store, which is in a rest stop right along the turnpike.  This organization, the Maine Crafts Association ( has a whole host of opportunities, many of which I cannot take part in because of my work schedule, but I'm hoping that I may jump on one or two this year.

Other than those meager offerings, we've been busy helping our son move to a new apartment (on the hottest day of the year around here - ugh), and other boring and sundry chores.  I'm a bit stalled in the creative area, but I'm sure I'll get my mojo back one of these days.

Thanks for stopping by!