Six Down, Two to Go!

Just a quick post to show how I've been spending my free time this week.  My multicolored, random tabby towels are well on the way to be completed!!

With magenta weft:

Sapphire blue weft:

Red weft:


Where are the other two, you might ask?  Why, unphotographed, of course!  Black and dark purple were my first two finished, and I think they are the best, but somehow I neglected to capture them photographically.  No worries, though - I'm going to weave the last two towels using black and purple as  weft, so pictures soon. I just love the colors in these, and a little simple, mindless weaving was just what I needed.

One of the most common comments and concerns I hear when I show my towels to folks, is that they are afraid to use them.  The most frequently voiced issues are that people are afraid to get them dirty and that they are afraid they will catch them on something and have a snagged thread.  These towels are the answers to those concerns.  All of my towels are already machine washed and dried before I sell them, and securely hemmed, so use away!.  The vibrant colors of these towels will do a great job at hiding any stains as well.  And I chose a tabby structure so there are no floats or long pieces of unwoven threads to catch.  There will be 8 towels in all, and I will have to send a few to the shops that I consign with, but I will be keeping a few to sell, so let me know what you think!  I can definitely see making more of these soon.


  1. These towels are very fun! Love all the color in them.

    I have the same issue with folks buying handwoven towels - I tell them I grow tired of looking at the same towels in my kitchen year and year because they just don't wear out.

  2. They look great, Karen! I often use huck with 10/2 cotton, and those floats become tiny when washed. I use them all the time in my kitchen and they never snag on anything, they snuggle down and become part of the fabric.

  3. i gave my dear aunti a dish towel and when i went to her home she was using it as a table runner lol her reasoning was it was to dear to use but she also wanted to enjoy it. i told her to use it when it got old and dirty i would make her a new one :)

  4. It is funny, but I guess these folks are coming from using store bought towels, so they don't understand how rugged these are. Hopefully someone will "take the leap" and try one!


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