With Time to Spare!

To all my far flung fiber friends, I hope that you are safe and don't have to endure the ravages of Sandy for too long.  Thank goodness knitting, weaving, and spinning can be done without electricity!!

Thanks in part to dodging the Hurricane Sandy "bullet," I've managed to finish up my to do list in time for the craft show starting this Friday.  I even did it with a whole day to spare!!  Mind you, it has been spectacularly less than fun frantically weaving and knitting every spare moment for the last few weeks, and then having to quickly complete the finishing work -  sewing/cutting/pinning/sewing/washing/ drying/ ironing/labeling prior to a possible loss of power last night, all done on 2 hrs of sleep.  Having said that, I am grateful that I was invited to join this group of women in presenting our crafts.  I've heard wonderful things about this show, and hope there is a good turnout.

So, what am I taking?  Well, my handwoven scarves, of course, a few of which were made during this last mad dash.

These towels and placemats, all of which were from the last 2 weeks' work.

And these assorted knits.

I think I will make an effort to build an inventory of sorts next year, in case I get to go to a craft fair again.  This year I had made the decision to NOT attend any fairs, due to my history of doing poorly at them.  Then I got invited to this show, which is why I had to scrabble so hard to have things ready this year.  I guess you never know!

For anyone local, the craft fair is Friday, Nov 2 through Sunday Nov 4, from 10-4 (10-3 on Sunday) at the Pioneer Grange on the corner of Rtes 17 and 235 in East Union.  I won't be there all the time due to work/sleep and visiting family, but please stop by and see all the lovely things everyone has made.


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