Hamster Wheel

So, the deadline for this Christmas craft fair that I originally didn't plan for is coming right up - only 15 days to go!!  Needless to say, I am busy busy busy trying to increase my stock, but I'm not having much luck.  Every day, I'm grabbing whatever "free" time I can find to weave, but I'm not making much progress.

So far, I've woven a few scarves (remember the Drall ones?), a table square (plus placemats and a tablerunner off the same warp, destined for two shops), one set of placemats in a nice holiday green, (which have yet to be wet finished), and 4 towels that just came off the loom this morning.  They are stuffed into a bag, awaiting sewing, cutting, measuring, pinning, and sewing again, before they are to be washed.  In the meantime, in my head, I'm trying to see if I can fit in another set of towels before craft day, or whether I should just go with another set of placemats in a nice deep red, which will be a faster project.  I'm pretty sure that the placemats will win based on time left, but I've never had only one type of towel to show at a fair.  There are so many patterns, including holiday themed ones, that I'd love to do, but I cannot find the time.  Already, my exercise routine (mostly walking, which does wonders for my head) has been cast aside, and although I do still cook, don't even try to come near my house or the dust bunnies will get you!

Can anyone out there tell what type of towels these are going to be?  (Yep, it's a quiz!).

On the loom:

and a close up:

and piled on the table, awaiting "processing"

The only hint I'm giving is that it is a pattern that I've woven before, although I've changed it up a bit here.  The answer will be shown in the next post!

And on another note, I really want to thank everyone who pops in to read my blog. Just now I checked my "stats," which was a real eye opener!  So far, since I started blogging on July 25, 2011, there have been 4769 views!!!  That is alot of folks, and they (you) come from all over the world.  I've had people from as far away as Russia and Australia stop in, not to mention many countries in Europe.  It's quite humbling, to say the least.  So, please know that I appreciate everyone's interest in my little missives from my tiny town in Maine.  Please feel free to comment anytime - I love hearing from you!


  1. I love the new header atop the blog - those scarves are so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Debbie! It took a few tries to get the photo correct. I really need to spend more time with blogger. I'd like to set up some tabs at the top, but can't quite figure out how to do it yet.

  2. I love the drall scarvs, as well. And if I had to guess I'd think maybe those new towels were waffle weave (with a pinwheel!). :)

    1. You are right, Judy, but only by my fault :)

      I was going for the pinwheels along the blue stripe where it intersects with blue weft, but I don't remember this pattern having such long floats when I wove some towels with pinwheels all over. I used the same draft, but these look more like waffle weave. Maybe one of those enduring mysteries of weaving???


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