What a slacker!

I know it's been several weeks since I posted, and I only have a thin excuse.  I've either been too busy between work, weaving, family, or I've felt like I've had nothing blog worthy.  The lament of all bloggers at one time or another, I think.

On the weaving front, I wove a set of 5 pinwheel towels, which is a pattern that I've admired for quite awhile.  I chose to weave them in aqua and natural, partially because the the lady that runs the little shop that sells some of my handwovens keeps wanting things in aqua/teal.  She says they always sell well.  That remains to be seen, at least at her shop, but I have no towels left to sell myself!  Two coworkers bought one each, and another person purchased 2, one for herself and one for a friend.  So one of my future projects will be to weave another set of these.  I really need to send a few things to the shop near Augusta, since I haven't sent her anything new in a very long time.

So here's a photo or two of the towels before I sold them:

After the towels, I felt an odd void, a disinterest in weaving.  I just didn't know what I should weave, or what I WANTED to weave.  So I didn't.  It wasn't long, though, before inspiration struck.  I ordered two kits, each with a project whose weave structure I have never tried before.  One is for an overshot table runner in subtle yellow and cranberry, and the other is for a shadow weave shawl in bamboo.  I've never woven with bamboo, either, so that kit will be a learning experience in multiple ways.  While waiting for the kits to arrive, I still had the weaving bug, and decided on yet another kind of towels.  I needed a cone of 8/2 cotton in white and wouldn't you  know it, but my LYS is backordered for that yarn.  SOOO, switch gears again, and I've just started a summer and winter towels set, woven in 10/2 cotton.  The threading will take awhile (464 ends!), but once that is done I'm hoping for a quick weave.  The kits are here and waiting, and the backordered yarn should be coming fairly soon, so plenty to do. 

And, just to try something different, I spun up some yarn this past week.  I haven't spun anything in awhile, and even then I used my spindle, but I started to think that I should give my wheel another try and make the effort to not overspin.  The fiber is 80% BFL wool and 20% silk.  Really nice!  The yarn is nice and squooshy, in shades of purples and yellows, and it has a nice sheen. I decided on a 2 ply for this yarn, and ended up with 192 yds of sport weight.  Now to find a pattern!