I've been bloggified!!

My "shop" has been featured on a blog!  The blog is done by Susan, and it is all about her newest project, the Alla Prima Art Mall.  There she lists shops that craft many different types of arts, including fiber arts, jewelry, painting, photography...  There's quite a list! The listings all link directly back to the artists' Etsy shop, so people can purchase any item they see.

She will periodically do a feature on one shop, and this week she featured mine!  It entailed an interview, and sending a few photos.  Kind of exciting, I think.

Here's the link to her site:

Check it out and see what you think.

One the weaving front, I've just started a set of towels in a Summer and Winter pattern, called Quilt Block towels.  So far, not a big fan.  I think they will come out fine, but for me these are a slow weave, at least in the patterned area.  I have to alternate between two shuttles every other pick (or throw), and the treadling can have my legs stretched as far apart as the loom is wide.  I guess with time it would get a bit easier, but I don't think this will ever be my favorite weave structure.  Doesn't bode too well for overshot, methinks.

I wove two white towels with a blue patterned weft and now I'm just starting two with a green.
As you can see, they kind of look like quilt blocks.  There are some, er, design elements in there that are, well, unique, but I'll just leave them be and let them speak for themselves, flaws and all.