Bursts of Color!

 Hi everyone!  Not a lot to show weaving-wise.  I've measured out warp for a table runner project, but since the base yarn is just a bland natural color, it's really not worth showing yet.  This particular project has been on my list almost since I started weaving, but I've always been hesitant for various reasons.  It is a two-shuttle pattern, so more attention will have to be paid, which is not easy to do lately.  More on that project in the next blog installment, but for now I will leave you with some photos of the flowers and plants that have really blossomed lately.  I think the extreme heat that we experienced early this week, coupled with some much needed rain in the last day of so, has made the plants very happy.  Unfortunately, the rain is still with us, so no July 4th celebrations around here, so the colorful flora will have to do.

This delphinium is so amazing!  The colors are deep and rich, and almost iridescent at times.  Definitely my colors, and one of my favorites in the garden.

The lilies have also opened up this week, providing a much needed contrast to my usual purple/pink/blue palette.

I forgot to take a photo of my window boxes on the porch railing, but they are full and very colorful also.

Our new raised beds are so far proving to be very good for the edibles that we planted.  As you can see below, we have some lettuce, chard, spinach, and tomatoes that are thriving;

We also have some beets, carrots and kale, which are not quite as advanced as the others, maybe because of the heat?  Either way, I am very happy with our little gardening experiment.  We still have plenty of weeds, but they are much smaller so easier to get rid of.

For those who celebrate, I hope you all have a very happy 4th of July, and for everyone, a continued healthy and happy summer!