Show and Tell

 I am happy to say that the hand-dyed (not by me), hand-spun, hand-woven scarf is done and already off to its new owner!  Once I roused myself from the latest funk, the scarf wove up quickly and easily.  The combination of oh-so-soft wool and Mulberry silk in the warp and tencel in the weft created a wonderfully soft piece of cloth with a great texture.

Just to give you another view of how the gradient worked out, here's the cloth after wet-finishing;

It's always nice when a plan turns out the way you envision it in your head!

Coincidentally, the phlox are in bloom in our local, very old cemetary.  It is always a welcome sight after winter, and brings much cheer to what can be a very interesting but sad place.  The other day I saw a HUGE crow standing amongst the gravestones - very eerie indeed.  It was also nice to see that the flox are a similar shade of pink as the brightest part of my scarf!

That's all for now.  I'm starting what should be a very easy project, but for some reason my brain doesn't feel like it's firing on all cyclinders lately. The weather is definitely turning towards summer, and I'm hopeful that inspiration will again come to visit.


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