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 I see it has been just over 3 weeks since I last posted.  My my, how times flies when you're doing nothing!

After my last warp, the bumberet towels, was completed and sold off, I decided to give myself a bit of a break until I started my next project.  While I waited, I did some thinking about weaving, so that counts, right??  I did come up with a plan for what I would weave next, an 8-shaft M's & W's twill for more towels.  I finally decided to start earlier this week after ordering some more Georgia cotton for the warp last week, giving myself plenty of time to receive it via 3 day Priority.  While waiting, I set up the measuring equipment and did all of the calculations.  I weighed the cotton that I already had and started measuring, knowing that most of the work would be done holding 2 threads at once, one from the cone that I already had, and one from the new cone, thus halving the time it takes to warp.  I think you know where I'm going with this...

The vendor put the yarn in the mail as soon as I paid for it, and now, well, no one seems to know where it is.  Most of last week the tracking showed it was on time and would be delivered Wednesday night by 9 PM, which by itself is funny since we only get delivery once a day before noon.  Of course it didn't show up, but tracking said it would arrived Thursday night by 8 PM.  Hmm.  Nope.  Friday it was supposed to be here by 8 but wasn't, and Saturday morning it said it would be here Friday by 8, the day before!!  By now, the system seems to recognize that it will be late, since that is what is proclaimed by the tracking info, though the package has never been scanned since leaving GA.  I feel SO much better now that the USPS admits it will not be here by last Friday - ha!  I saw a rather appropriate post on FB the other day.   It said; 

USPS Tracking

1. We don't know if it even exists

2. Delivered

I'm not blaming the PO necessarily, recognizing that shipping is through the roof because of the pandemic, and then throw holidays in there and I'm sure they are way behind.  It's just odd that the scanning/tracking system seems to be unresponsive.  I would surely rather have bad but accurate information than no information at all.

So my project sits for now.  I'm really hoping the yarn shows up this week, but there is not a thing I can do about it if it doesn't.  Maybe it will be my holiday surprise!!!

Here is the warp as it waits on the loom.  I have to say, winding yarn with one color and no cutting and tying is so much more enjoyable and even than what happens with drafts like bumberet, where everything 3 threads you have to stop, cut, restart, etc.  Of course, it's more boring too, but I'm up for that.

and my equipment sitting and awaiting the new yarn;

Holiday spirit-wise, it is very hard for me to feel much this year so far for obvious reasons.  Partly I think it is because usually by October at the latest, our community band is practicing holiday music for our Christmas concerts, and without that, I find myself not really wanting to listen to holiday music.  Last night hubby and I did watch the Portland Symphony's Magic of Christmas concert, which we attend in person more years than not.  This year they filmed the concert, with fewer people on stage and physical distancing and plexiglass for the wind/brass players.  They have a new conductor this year, so it was fun to see him, and the music was very good.  The added bonus was that we got to see things up close that we cannot when attending in person.  As amateur musicians, that part was the icing on the cake.  Maybe whatever holiday spirit I will be able to muster will start appearing now that we've done a version of one of our holiday traditions.

Our family hasn't nailed down the details of how we will exchange gifts or see each other yet, though it will be a version of dropping off gifts and Skyping with our sons.  My sister and dad live in MA and we'll talk on the phone with them.  I think that getting the vaccine approved is the best gift that any of us could receive, so I feel like I'm good for this year.  The logistics of the distribution are mind-boggling, and I'm sure there will be some glitches along the way, but it truly is a miracle of science and cooperation that this happened so quickly with such a good outcome.  While much is being made of the beginnings of vaccine distribution, we all have to keep in mind that it will still take many months before the vaccine gets to all who want it.  In the meantime, we all have to keep on keeping on - wear a mask, keep some distance between us and wash our hands frequently.  I am hoping that as more people get vaccinated, many of the doubters will see that the vaccine is safe and effective, and does not contain any tracking devices or whatever else they are thinking.  It would go a long way if our leadership would A) get the vaccine publicly (though part of me wishes they would not benefit from it so quickly, since they have flouted all of the recommendations so far) and come out with direct-to-his-followers recommendations to get it.  We'll see what happens on that front.  I'm way down the line so I have no idea when it will be available to me, but when it is, I will definitely get it.

Here's wishing everyone a happy-as-we-can-make-it holiday season!  I for one am feeling the beginnings of optimism as we creep closer to the sun starting its long journey back towards the north.  This prolonged daily darkness is not good for us with all of the isolation we are experiencing.  More sun = more warmth = more outside time.  I can't wait!


  1. I admit confusion. You have a sectional beam but wind by hand? I’ve never used a sectional beam myself, and have only seen them used with spool racks, so didn’t even know it was possible to wind by hand on them.

    1. Hi Peg. I tried winding with a homemade spool rack once and hated it. There didn't seem to be enough tension coming off the spools, which as a very type-A person, drove me nuts. I got a warping square mini to use on my back beam, but it isn't configured for a Glimakra Standard, so hubby made a very crude stand and I wind from there. It works for me! - Karen


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