So Here We Are...

...and what has changed?  Well, the election is over.  States are in the process of certifying the results.  Recounts have happened.  The results are clear to anyone paying attention.  But still we are on the edge of a crisis because someone cannot/will not put on his big boy panties and admit defeat.  Truly, I think that Trump knows he lost, because how could he not?  What he is doing is testing for any chink in the armor that is our democracy.  And while we are all riveted to each new outlandish claim or action, who the heck knows what he is actually doing?  Setting up Biden for failure, for sure, so that when T runs again in 2024 he can point to all of the things that Biden didn't accomplish.  But what else?  And why, oh why, aren't any of our Republican representatives standing up to this hoodlum and acknowledging the obvious?  One can hope that they will pay the price for trying to destroy our democratic processes, but I know better.  It's all quite exhausting.

And the virus.  Yes, there is a REAL virus and it is causing a REAL pandemic.  People are getting sick and being hospitalized in record numbers.  As of this writing, almost 2000 Americans are dying every single day.  The resources that are our hospitals and healthcare workers are not infinite.  What if it is your family member that gets turned away when they need the care the most, because the beds are full?  Or because there is no one to take care of them?  Many who have been affected regret their defiant behavior once they are sick and wish they could go back in time.  Worse, some who are being intubated or dying are still denying the reality of the virus, wondering why this is happening to them.  There is no lack of information out there, but too many are choosing to ignore experts who are desperately trying to give us the facts so we can change our behaviors to save ourselves.  Yes, vaccines are on the way, and they sound very promising.  But the reality is that it will take many months before enough people get them to perhaps allow us to start living our lives as we used to.  During the 1918 pandemic, people marched in the streets protesting being asked to wear masks.  We have the advantage of having hindsight, knowing what toll that virus took on the citizens of the world.  And yet we march, we yell, we refuse to follow recommendations to keep ourselves safe.  History may look back on this time and wonder what we were thinking.  With the holidays approaching, I too am mourning what will be the reality for our family.  No visitors for Thanksgiving, perhaps a quick passing-off of gifts outside at Christmas with a shared Zoom opening of said gifts.  My only grandson is growing and changing faster than I can bear, and I cherish the infrequent window visits so we can get reacquainted and he's not afraid when he sees me.  It is heart-breaking, but there is nothing to be done about except be patient.  This too shall pass, and I yearn for the hugs to come.  In the meantime,  I stay home.  I wear a mask when I must go out.  I wash my hands and don't touch my face.  I do not hoard when I go shopping.  I try to keep busy and get outside every day.  If we could all do these simple things and just hang on for awhile longer, the numbers of infected people would decrease and businesses could remain open.  Please.  I know these words won't change anything or anybody.  I just feel the need to state the obvious, put it out there that as tiring as this is, the actual requirements are not that hard.  Help the economy, help your friends and townspeople.  Just. Hold. On. A. Bit. Longer.

As you can see, my state of mind is not great right now.  Other than worrying about the state of EVERYTHING, I did complete my latest version of bumberet towels, this time in shades of gray, natural and black.  I'm not sure what it is about these that I love so much, but boy, do I.  The texture or "hand," the way that the colors interplay...just so great.  There were 9 towels in all, which was one more than I thought I would get, and it's a good thing, because one of them had a treadling error that is not fixable, so that one is mine, and that still leaves eight for purchase.  The four with stripes are already sold, and the others were spoken for, at least I thought so, but now the communication from that person has stopped.  I will be listing them on the local FB group page and my FB business page by Monday at the latest, but if anyone wants one before that, just give me a holler, either here or on FB or by email (  They measure 25" X 17.5" and cost $28 each, taxed where applicable.  EDIT:  all towels have sold.  Thanks, everyone!!

Group shot:

close up so you can see the structure:

and towels available as of now.  Colors are Stone, Black, Medium Gray and Charcoal, L-R:

Stay safe, everyone.