"Put To Bed"

Isn't that a saying or phrase, meaning done, done, DONE?!  Seems to me that I've heard it used in journalism, that a story is "put to bed."  Either way, these green circle towels are DONE, and I couldn't be happier.  Yes, I had to hack off the warp early, so only ended up with 7 towels, not 8.  And boy, did this project stress me out at times.  However, now that they are done, I really like them!  The texture is really great, and the subtle color difference seem more pronounced in real life.  That being said, I've had issues getting good shots of them.  The best part is, they are ALL SOLD!  Probably the fastest that I have ever cleared anything that I've woven.  All were purchased locally, and I am beyond grateful that people were so willing to buy these, given our present circumstances in this country and around the world.  All but one went to first time customers as well, so I thank them for finding me and taking that chance!

Obligatory bowl shot.  You can see the color differences along the edges of the folded towels.

And individual shots:  dark emerald weft.  This one went to a friend of mine who is a repeat customer!

"Dusty green" and emerald, which went to someone in my community that I haven't seen in eons!  She used to run the day care where my sons went 2 decades ago.  It was so great to see her again and catch up!

These last four went to a very kind woman from southern Maine who comes up to our town regularly.  I believe she may have a rental property up here.  I truly thank her for her purchase.

Dark green and Xmas green;

and green aqua and peacock, my personal favorite.  I folded back the peacock to show the back side as well.

I'm sure I will make more of these in blues or reds at some point, and hopefully have an easier time of it.  For now, I am doing some research to come up with a few options for a table runner that I've been commissioned to weave.  I'm also making a quick warp for yardage so I can sew a tunic some day - THAT should be interesting!

For now I'm taking part in a spin-along of sorts.  Every year at this time, groups on Ravelry form teams for the "Tour de Fleece" to be spinning during the Tour de France.  Even this year, when the bicycle race isn't taking place, the Ravelry folks are at it again.  I've never joined before, but last year our weaving group, which is where I spend most, if not all of my time on Ravelry, formed a team.  Seeing all of the gorgeous fibers and resulting yarns, not to mention the great comaraderie and support amongst the participants, convinced me to take part.  I don't spin much anymore, partly because my arthritic thumb doesn't like it much, but also, y'know, time, so I wasn't sure how it would go.  I started with some merino/silk that I had been spinning last fall on my spindle for socks, until I decided that the yarn would be too soft and wouldn't last long, so I changed mid-stream and started spinning it on my wheel for a 2-ply.

This is an image of the fiber and spinning in progress;

And here is the resulting yarn; I think I have ~700 yards!

Now I'm working on a really pretty dyed fiber from Julie Spins called Dark Matter.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  The fibers are humbug BFL and silk.

I thought I might split one braid in two and try to separate the different colors out so that they will line up once plied, but I don't think it will work because one half has that beautiful orange-y color and the other half doesn't.  Hey, I never said I knew what I was doing!  Here's a pic of the blues on my bobbin that I finished yesterday - next up is red, I think.

Though this 4th of July is nothing like any other we have experienced in our lifetimes, I hope that you have found a way of celebrating that will bring you joy and keep you safe.  I SO miss my family and friends and the traditions that we have, but we have to do what we can to keep this virus down to a dull roar until they develop an effective vaccine.  It is no fun for anyone, I know, but we've seen what happens when people gather and go back to the life they had before.  Unless and until we all continue to follow the guidance and sacrifice our immediate needs for socializing in the ways that we are used to, I'm afraid we will continue on this roller coaster and a lot of people be hospitalized and many will die.  Not a happy scenario for anyone.  Let's just all hope that the scientists can come through for us all.

On a happier note, we saw the movie "Hamilton" last night, and it was marvelous!  I'd listened to the music quite a bit awhile ago and loved to sing along with it in the car.  More recently, I'd gotten away from it, so it was terrific to hear it again.  And the play itself was so inspiring!  What an amazing group of performers, and how fitting for the times we live in.  I am not a fan of hip hop by any means, but the story and lyrics are so compelling, it's a must-see for me!  Maybe just another time or two...

Happy fourth, everyone!