The Long-Awaited Post...and Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Or not.  Just realized that it has been the longest I have ever gone without blogging - over 3 months!  Yes, I was busy weaving my holiday towels, but I had also planned on blogging about our big fall storm, with before and after pictures, grandkid hijinks, funny pet photos, you name it.  But somehow I just could not get up and actually write anything.  Maybe this blog will continue to run out of gas and just fade into the ether.  Or maybe not.  Now that I've eased up on the demands I've placed on myself to try to build the business up, I may not have that much to say.  Who know?

I think this post will mostly be random photos that I can find that were earmarked for this blog, plus info on the above towels.  A new approach, perhaps; one that will go against my typical Type-A brain.

This gorgeous tree is right outside the church that is just down the street from my house.  This was taken the day before a big fall storm was due to come in, and I was sure that most of these leaves would be gone in a few days.  I was wrong.  Less than half of them blew off, so the tree was still pretty for a bit more time.

I took this photo of my flower boxes right before the first frost on the coast, sure that they too would die over night.  They did not.  These "supertunias" have been the best flowers!  I did very little for them, and they bloomed all summer and most of the fall.  I'm definitely going to get more next year.

Next a couple of pet moments.  First, Whirl, just acting weird for no reason one evening.  Such a lunatic.  Especially when he looks over at you, with a "What?" expression on his face,

And last week Dinger "helped" hubby read the paper.

Now that cold weather is here, we are trying to learn how to best use our new heat pumps.  We have found that using the "auto" fan setting is not enough to keep the temperature comfortable, so we are experimenting, having to use "a full-on gale" to rewarm the room, then finding a lower setting that will keep it comfy.  It sure takes a long time to rewarm - very different than any other kind of heat we've had before.

My latest project, the Holiday Snowflake Tea Towels, are finally off the loom, washed dried and sewn.  I ended up with 7 full-size towels (18 X 26) plus a shorter one (18 X 21) that I will most likely keep.  I changed the density of the cloth slightly from what I usually do, and I do like the feel of them for sure.  Three will be gifts this year (hope you're not reading this!), and four for the shop.  While I do love these and the little snowflakes they have, I am so ready for a project without so many color changes.

They even have tiny snowflakes on the hems!  I'm happy to answer any questions for anyone - just email me or reach out on FB/Instagram.

And last but not least, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I will be working and so not partaking, and hope that the commute isn't too bad.  Hopefully you all get where you need to be and enjoy time with family and friends.


  1. It's always good to see what you're up to. Welcome back!

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