Off to Portland!

The Portland Fine Craft Show is taking place this Saturday, the 24th on Congress St, one of the main roads in the city. 

This will be my fourth time attending, after missing last year.  While I do have my usual woven fare - scarves, tea towels, table runners, key wristlets, baby blankets, plus other assorted hand made goods - I don't have the usual volume.  My towels keep flying off "the shelves," for which I am very grateful.  I think that my lack of stock just reaffirms for me that I need to back away from my business a bit for a period of time.  I will still weave, but try not to have heavy deadlines to stress me out.  When I have something for sale, I will still post in this blog, as well as on Instagram.  I think I will be moving my shop to Square - when that happens I will also post a link in here.

I truly appreciate the support that I have received from everyone, both in person at the show and work, and through the internet.  I just feel strongly that my heart is telling me to slow it down a bit and enjoy the ride, which I fully expect to do.

Family is coming to visit this weekend, so they will have to hang out until we return, but there are worse things to on a Saturday.  At least there will be some help unpacking for the second time.

Hope to see you in Portland!