Shop Update

As of now, I have put my Etsy shop on hold so I can focus on my online store found on this blog.  Etsy has changed leadership and some policies that make it that much harder for a small fish like me to be found by shoppers.  I'm will continue to provide quality handwoven textiles to all who would like them, and using this site will allow me not only offer my goods on this site under the "STORE" tab, but also on some social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram.  And, as always, I would love to work with customers to design their ideas and wishes.  Just contact me through this site or email me at

The waffle weave washcloths are coming along quickly.  Eight have been woven, with four more to go.  They will then come off the loom for their beauty treatment (i.e. wash/dry/press) and photos.

When they are completed, the next project will be a definite change of pace.  Stay tuned!