That's what I see when I look at yarn neatly wound on cones, waiting to be measured.  Or yarn, fresh on the loom, wound tightly on the back beam, awaiting threading.  Or when weaving finally begins, and I pick that first color, throw the shuttle a few times, and see how it reacts with the warp.

Even after the cloth has been woven but not yet cut and sewn into whatever it will be, I still see possibilities.  Will the size be acceptable?  Which colors might be most popular this time?  Will the new way of wet finishing the towels make them even more absorbent? 

And all along the way, it's nice to take a step back and see what's really happening.  Just looking at these cascading folds of cloth today made me smile, even though I've woven towels like these many times before.  I took string.  And I made cloth!

There are so many possibilities during the process of weaving.  One just has to be patient and observant.

This old image came across my screen today and it gave me a chuckle.  It's Son #2 when he was a wee boy, trying out a trombone that we had in the house.  This kid is now grown, and plays clarinet beautifully, but as a boy, he would pick up any instrument in the house (and we had many) and figure out how to play it.

It's the little things...