Where the time has gone, I do not know, but here we are, on the cusp of another Christmas, with the new year not far behind.  Is it possible that I have suddenly entered that stage of life where time does, literally, fly past, with nary a notice? 

Hubs and I have done a minimum of decorating, mostly because of The Cat.  The one who likes to chew on any available plastic, wire, ribbon and paper.  The one who would undoubtedly not only bat at ornaments on a tree, but climb said tree to see what gives at the top.  To that end, we have put subdued, flickering candles in the windows, a bit of greenery on the mantel, and a lit tree on the porch.  All presents are kept in closets upstairs until given, which certainly lessens the anticipation of all the pretties under a tree.  Still, it is enough for now.

The mantel, before the stockings made their appearance;

Another view - note the sad, unused spinning wheel...  Not to worry - I'm spindling some sock yarn, which will be plied on the wheel.  Assuming I remember how to use it.

And here is our tree, cut from the woods, so not very full, certainly not symmetrical, but much loved anyway.

On another note, I've started to wind a short warp for a couple of cowls for a customer in Canada.  I would love to whip these out quickly so I can plan a larger project, but knowing me, that won't happen either.

There is going to be a weave-along on Ravelry this winter making blankets and I would love to join, as I have never woven anything double weave.  I purchase Joanne Moore's book several years ago, and started with a sample that failed, and never tried it again.  But so many lovely blankets have been shown in that group that it is truly inspiring.  I know very little about weaving with wool as well, so have no idea how to plan such a project.  Doesn't sound promising, does it?

I hope everyone enjoys a happy holiday time with their families, and welcomes the New Year with hope and love.  May we all enjoy family and friends and be safe in our travels!