I finished weaving the autumn themed towels last week, but just got around to taking photos of them.
I put a 7 yards warp on the loom, and ended up with 6 large towels, and one mini.  And the best thing?  I wove them all from stash!  Nothing like a good stash-buster project!

You can see the two different designs in this slightly blurry photo:

It was a fun and quick weave, so I'm sure I'll use it again.  I'd really like to add some shafts to my big loom, because weaving on my Baby Wolf, though fast to set up, is problematic at times.  The weaving area is so small that it is easy to have the shuttle catch errant warps and cause skips.

I also used my mini Warping Square again.  I had taken it apart, to be returned to the manufacturer because of its incompatibility with my loom.  Mitch has been working on redesigning it so it will work mounted on my back beam, but the process is taking a long time.  I was itching to start another large towel warp, in anticipation of the craft fair in August, but really wasn't looking forward to winding a 12 yard warp by hand.  Then I had an idea! Shocking, I know.  I clamped the Square to my weaving bench, and then put my bench on two step stools.  That made the height much more back friendly, and after I fumbled around a bit trying to remember how to use it, I got all 11 groups of 40 ends on the loom in no time!  I'm hoping to start threading either today or tomorrow, after I warp my inkle loom for another wallet strap.

I also just finished sewing another NCW from wrap scraps today.  It is going to be purchased by our wonderful travel nurse at the hospital.  Because she's leaving in mid-July, I felt like I had to give that project priority, hence the delay in starting the towel warp.

This is a shot of the interior of the wallet, with completed credit card slots, and an unsewn zipper pocket.

The exterior is very similar to mine,

with the colors and stripes slightly different.

I've also cut out the pieces for the exterior of the wallet for a few more, this time with store bought material:

I swear, one of these days I will get out of this persistent purple phase!!

I spent the day yesterday going to see the play "The Full Monty" at the Maine State Music Theater in Brunswick. It was great, very funny and well done.  Despite that, I still felt guilty all day, like I should have been home working.  I have a really hard time giving myself permission to "goof off."

And look what showed up at my house yesterday while I was gone!

Many, many cones of used and unused 8/2 unmercerized cotton from Maurice Brassard!  I purchased it from another weaver on FB.  I've yet to use this yarn, but it receives high praise among other weavers.  The texture is a lot smoother than that of the Homestead cotton from Halcyon - not quite as smooth as mercerized, but it will be nice to try it and see the differences for myself!  I'll probably use some on the towel warp, though I do want to use up some of my other 8/2 as well.


  1. I love the autumn towels--you've really captured the colors of the season. And seeing the Brassard cotton makes me even more intent on taking a trip to the store--it's only about 3 hours from here and I really think a day trip is in order!

    1. I am so jealous that you live close enough to visit the store!! It would be quite a trip for me, unfortunately.

  2. I agree, the towels are really lovely. (Although I admit I don't see the design it deeper colors?) I think you'll really like that Brassard cotton - it is SOOOOO soft!

  3. The design difference is the number of yellow stripes weft-wise. Isn't it funny how "design elements" are SO very noticeable to the weavers, but most likely invisible to everyone else??


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