Happy Birthday to....ME!

Yep, it's the "big" day for me!  I come from a family where birthdays were a big deal when I was young.  Lots of family lived nearby, and there was always a gathering, dinner, cake, presents - you name it.  Fast forward to today, and, of course, the birthday barely registers in many respects.  I always feel like it ought to be special, but the reality is that it is mostly just another day.  I've just come off working 60 plus busy hours in the last 7 days, so I'm pretty tired, but I still spent part of the morning vacuuming, doing laundry, dusting, and putting off cleaning the bathrooms until later today - how does the house get so dirty when I'm gone?  Oh yeah - the husbeast!  I also baked some chocolate zucchini muffins - gluten and dairy free, of course!

The rest of the morning I spent completing the threading on the next baby wrap.  Here is a photo from earlier this week, after I'd loaded up the warp beam;

I do love my sectional beam, I must say!  I would each section on the warping board, and for most I didn't follow the color change gradient exactly due to the extreme fiddliness of the whole business, so the warp will look a tiny bit different once all is tie up.  I'm trying a sett of 28 EPI instead of 24 for 10/2 tabby, just to see what the hand of the cloth will be.  After threading it I had rethought my idea several times (946 threads vs 748), but what is done is done.  And of course I didn't charge any more for this one since it's my "experiment." Don't get me wrong - the client knows she is getting a more substantial wrap, so no surprises.

I think my younger son is coming home for the weekend tonight, and we are going out to eat with my older son and his wife tomorrow night, so that shall truly feel more like my birthday.  There is nothing like spending time with our family, all of us, to make the trials and tribulations of life shrink in comparison.

I did manage to finish weaving two of the eight tabby towels that I started awhile ago.  I used black weft for both, which really makes the colors pop.  The next ones will be deep purple, and maybe charcoal...  Decisions still have to be made on that front.  I took a photo, but left the camera upstairs in anticipation of weaving more, and, frankly, I'm too tired to go get it, so you'll have to wait until next time - sorry!

Weather-wise, old man winter does not want to let go around here.  We are still getting Arctic blasts after each snowstorm, and we have both coming tomorrow, so it may be the first day of spring on the calendar, (and Mr Rogers' birthday; and Bobby Orr's birthday - any old Bruins' fans out there?), but it is still very much winter here in Maine.