"Looming" Deadlines!

C'mon, you knew I had to use the pun, right??

The holiday craft fair through work is coming up very soon - Dec 5th, to be exact.  I'm trying to weave a couple of towels a day on my days off, and am awaiting some hand dyed tencel for a couple of scarves.  I think that will be my limit, so any time left over I will use for tagging, creating signage, etc. I'm glad I chose to use a natural colored warp, as opposed to white - it seems to give some of the towels an antique-y feel.

So far, I've woven 5 towels on the 8 towel warp, and these are the colors:

a mid-range red:

a bright blue;

and yes, I didn't see the sleying error until I was well into the second towel, so it will just have to do!

A lovely dusky purple, which is hard to capture;

and a mid-tone green, for which I've only taken an underneath photo that doesn't show the color well;

My plan is to weave another green, and then maybe use something bright for one or both of the remaining towels.  The pattern is very easy to do, but I've been quite distracted lately, so there has been a lot of unweaving, which is so time consuming with an EFS.

Is it just me, or is time flying by at an unbelievable rate??  It's almost Thanksgiving already, and it feels like we said goodbye to summer not long ago.  Having this winter-like cold and snow doesn't help, I guess, but relatively speaking, I know that time will indeed seem to go by faster the older I get.  I need to remember to stop and appreciate the small moments along the way, or it will all be a blur.

And just as a reminder, I'm still trying to sell my Leclerc Fanny loom!  45" wide, counterbalance, with a bench and all sectional equipment. Asking $600, and we can drive up to an hour to deliver/meet you.