Begun, but...

So, after my woven towels, and my woven hand-dyed scarf, I was all excited to start by first baby wrap.  Winding the  warp went surprisingly well, and I had my 700+ threads done in record time.  I decided to use both the sectional parts of the loom and a raddle/non-sectional dowel.  After a very slow beaming process, where I would make half a turn of the beam, then make sure all the yarns were in the proper sections, I would then go to the front and give a yank on each section, and repeat. It.Took.Forever.  I would not recommend this method if you are beaming alone. That having been said, I did get the job done in one afternoon, and had much wonderful color on the loom, ready to thread.

The next time I was at the loom, I got most of the threading done without any issues, and finished the following day.

Sleying also went well, so I was thinking this project is going to be a breeze, since the actual weaving is just tabby.  Wrong-o!

I spent the better part of 2 hours yesterday weaving and unweaving, cutting and reweaving, unweaving again...  You get the picture.  All I ended up with was a one inch hem woven; the rest is still waiting to be born, as it were.  Very very frustrating, as you can imagine.  I've decided it just wasn't meant to be, at least not yesterday.  I may attempt it again today, but I'm on call at work and having just come home from there, I could easily have to turn around and drive back any minute.  My commute is 1/2 hour each way, so 2 hours in the car.  No big deal to some, but for me, that's a lot.  And we don't get mileage reimbursed, either.  Not sure if more aggravation should be toyed with right now.  Perhaps I should just grab my knitting and think calm thoughts.

There's been no progress on the website either, unfortunately.  I've placed a couple of photos, but that's all.  What am I thinking??  Who has time for all this stuff?

I hope by my next post there will be some sort of show and tell. Thanks for your patience!