No, not financial ones.  I've decided that my time is worth something to me, so this year I've purchased a few small pieces of equipment to make my weaving journey easier.  Nothing big or fancy - just helpful tools.

First, I purchased an eight cone holder, to be used when winding my warps and my bobbins and pirns.  I've seen them in all the catalogs, and was sort of holding out hope that my wonderfully talented hubby would build me one, but when I looked at the fact that a crude "prototype" that he slammed together ages ago has not been updated, I decided to get one for myself from other sources.  The prices of these are pretty steep, until I thought to look on Etsy.  There I found one for a reasonable price, but the thing that made me jump at the chance to get it was that it would hold cones AND spools!  Usually I have to put spools on a knitting needle in a box, and battle with tension the whole way.

Here it is:

and here is a link if you want to look into this yourself.  I especially liked that the yarn goes through those pigtails instead of screw eyes, so you don't have to cut the yarn to remove it.

My second splurge was for a double ended bobbin winder.  I've been using this behemoth for ages,

which works, but is very loud and has a lot of vibration, not to mention it hurts my right shoulder to use it for any length of time.

Looking at electric winders caused quite a bit of sticker shock, but again, I turned to Etsy and found one for a lot less than some of the better known ones.  Then I got all McGyver-ish and purchased a tensioning device from Leclerc for their bobbin winders.  It doesn't fit this one perfectly, but it does work.

(Sorry for the slightly blurry photo - it's pretty dark in that corner of my studio).  The winder itself can be purchased here -  Winding pirns with this winder is definitely a work in progress.  I've managed to wind yarn around the piece coming from the motor several times, plus tensioning is an ongoing issue, as you can see from this pile of unusable yarn.

It is not a pretty sight in my studio when the cop that you've built up collapses like this!

I also have a warping mill coming soon, again purchased on Etsy.  Photos soon, I hope!  The moral of this story is, be sure to give Etsy a try!  You can find some amazing things, usually at a good price, from artisans who truly want to do well by you.

The Gothic Cross towels are coming, albeit slowly.  I've just woven towels #8 and #9.  Since I've yet to hear from anyone, I'm just going to pick some colors randomly. I woven this towel in a beautiful purple cottolin.

Next up, RED!

Tomorrow I am off for my first day shift.  I'm having a bit of a time trying to decide what to bring food-wise, since I can't usually find much for me to eat out in the world with my food allergies.  It's going to be a long day, so I will probably over-pack.  I just hope I don't look too ridiculous dragging all sorts of bags in.

Till next time...