Limping Towards the Finish Line...

...for holiday weaving.  I've managed to produce a couple of things only, but I've been consistent and just done what I could.  As with everyone, life takes precedence, so an hour here and an hour there is all I can give.

These scarves, from the Handwoven magazine, had really caught my eye.  Several weavers on Ravelry have produced some stunning versions, so I girded my loins, so's to speak, and began, figuring it would be a quick-ish project.  Nope.  Lots of problems all the way through, but I DO like how they came out.

Very drapey, with a nice texture.  I really love how the stripes have a ribbon-like effect!

Next, I quickly slammed out some huck placemats, one set in deep rich red

(not a good representation of the color, I'm afraid.  Does everyone else have issues with photographing reds???) and one in green

All of this was in preparation for the hospital's holiday party, which is going to be family friendly this year and feature a craft fair, among other things.  I have never gone to the holiday party in all my years of working there, but I had the day (night, actually) off and looked forward to seeing everyone, especially the kids. Unfortunately, I've had to pick up an extra shift that night, so no party, and no craft fair. Mostly I'm OK with that - I do not seem to have a good sales' persona - but I would have liked to have been there anyway.  So, into my plastic bins they go for now.  Back to gift knitting!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I'll be spending it with my family at differing times of the day, and then going to work while they all finish the socializing. I just love this holiday, despite all the work that goes into it.  There's something about gathering around a meal that speaks to me in a way that Christmas doesn't.  Guess I'd better get to cleaning!


  1. Really love the blue scarf, truly stunning. I like the way it does look like ribbon running through it!



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