Weaving, sort of

I'm not sure if it's because I haven't had chunks of time to devote to weaving, or whether it was the failure of the doubleweave sample, but I have had zero interest in weaving lately. This is a very, very BAD thing, with the holidays drawing near. My stock is very small, mostly because I've farmed many scarves/towels off to consignment stores, which I do realize is a good thing; I just can't seem to build up any inventory.

 My workplace is having a different sort of holiday gathering this year, and it includes offering up craft tables.  Usually it's a "grown-up" party, with a band and dancing, often on a night I work, so I've never been, but this year it looks to be more family oriented.  I've signed up, so now I just need to somehow churn out a bunch of weaving and knitting toot sweet, as they say, or mine will be a very sad table indeed.

Also, I'm working on 3 knitting projects right now, which I believe is a record for me - I tend to be quite monogamous with my crafts.  Some are/may be Christmas surprisies, so I can't divulge, but knitting has been the craft that has been calling me lately.  Of course, knitting is much slower than weaving, generally, so as much as I'm loving my time with the needles, I'm getting nowhere fast.

I just started weaving some huck lace scarves from a Handwoven magazine. Their project utilized silk, but since I didn't have any, I've decided on tencel (surprise!!).  Just started the actual weaving this week, and today I had 2 broken warp threads.  Sigh.  I need to remind myself, I'm doing this because I want to create things and I need to enjoy the process, NOT try to become a mill, turning out thing after thing after thing.  In with the good air, out with the bad!

And the close up

I do love how it appears to have to patterned ribbons running down the length of the cloth.  I only have enough warp for 2 scarves (what was I thinking???), so the next one will have a different weft, either purple or teal.  Hmmm.. Decisions, decisions.

The weather has really turned here, and winter is on the way.  We were spoiled with a wonderful October, dry and warmer than usual, so I guess one of my excuses is I spent more time outdoors and less time at the loom.  That trend will be reversed really soon, I think.


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL! Yes, it does look just like ribbons running down the sides. In what Handwoven issue is this pattern?

  2. Hi Gwen, I believe it's May/June 2011. The scarf on the cover is gorgeous, done in shades of red!


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