Aaaannnddd..They're Off!!

Finished up with the last two tabby towels.  I used the black and purple as weft, again, because they make the colors 'pop,'

The purple:

and the black:

One of my favorite moments in weaving is when I make the first cut, separating the fabric from the back beam.  It's the first time the cloth shows any drape, and having that plus the ends sticking out of the reed just tickles my fancy.

It's like a massive wave of color!

So now they sit, awaiting the return of my loaned-out sewing machine.  I should get that back tonight, so tomorrow will be a busy day for me.  I really liked weaving these, and barring any unforeseen outcomes, I will definitely be making some more!

(Upon reviewing this post, I see that the colors aren't 'popping' as much as I'd hoped. Hm, might have messed up in the slap-dash editing department).