After my last rant, I thought I'd update the project from you-know-where.  I finally began weaving this morning, and started with some very short samples.  I had tan, silver, and white in mind for the weft, but only enough warp for two, so I tried all three - and ended up undoing 4 shots of white because it just wasn't right.

I know the silver looks more like blue here, but it really is a nice shade of gray.

I felt some relief after sampling, seeing that the project would turn out alright, despite all the issues I had getting to that point.  I decided to begin with the tan, and happily wove for a bit, enjoying the relatively simple treadling sequence.  Until...

I realized that the I did indeed mess up the threading, despite checking it several times over!  Notice the asymmetry there???  This runner was planned for the jury process in March (I've pretty much given up on the gallery opportunity), but with the design so off-kilter, that doesn't seem like such a great idea.

I guess I have to just go with the flow, realizing that this project was doomed from the start.  Except for the asymmetry, I really do like this pattern, so continue on I shall!


  1. I don't know how much warp you have on or how much you've woven so far but perhaps if you don't have time to put another warp on before March you could take out some of the warp ends on the right border and rethread just that side to make it match the left border - it will be a bit narrower, but not much......just a thought....

  2. I did the same thing the other day. I was short 8 threads. I cut off and added the threads. A lot of work but the project is looking like it should.

  3. I've thought about cutting out some of the warps and rethreading, but I don't have that much on the loom to begin with, only 5.5 yds. I'm afraid that if I cut and tied back on I'd be short. Who says asymmetry is wrong, anyway??


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