Loom Room Post-Painting

We finally have a sunny day here, so I ran upstairs and took some photos of the loom room.  It feels much brighter than before, which was the goal.

Here's a photo looking towards the only sheetrock wall, which is also the only full length vertical wall.  My loom lives there, as well as a bookcase for additional storage.

That's a very pale lavender on the wall behind the loom, and a darker, bluish-purple on the knee wall.

Here you are looking toward the wall with the solitary window (sorry for the glare!!). This corner is my photography space, where I hang up a white sheet as a background for the photos.  You can just make out my light stands and a dressmaker's model in the corner.  And that small pile of newspapers is for the final bit of painting still to be done - the interior side of the entry door.

This is looking toward the opposite corner, where I wind my warps and store most of my yarns.  The plastic bins hold my handwovens, plus one has my unspun fiber stash.  And yes, my warping board sits atop a box holding a tubular skylight, which we purchased ages ago.  I've asked my hubs to mount the board right on the wall, but... Maybe some day.

And lastly, a view towards the entryway, with its "troll" door.  As you can see by the obvious slant near the plastic set of drawers, the house is very old and very very angled in places.  Part of the charm, I think.

I believe the biggest gain from this paint job came from painting the slanted roofing walls white.  They had been a "natural," off-white color, but the pure white really brightens everything.  I'm sure I'll enjoy weaving up there more than I have in the past.

And lastly, on a totally unrelated note, looky what I got yesterday!

My old one was leaving blackish gray streaks on clothing every now and then. I'd lived with it for many years, diligently using lemon juice to remove the stains, and I decided that I needed a change.  Did my first load this morning, and it was very very quiet.  I wish it had a separate drain/spin cycle like my last one, for wringing water from hand washed items, but other than that, I love it!


  1. On my LG washer, which is not exactly like yours but is the same brand, if I just turn it on and do nothing but select the spin speed, it will just spin without putting any water in the tub. I use this for wringing out stuff. It was not documented in the sketchy documentation that came with the washer. Someone on one of the boards I read told me.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH, Liz, for letting me know that I can use my washer that way! I don't know why I didn't think of it, but I'm greatly relieved.

  3. Your newly painted space looks terrific! I wish you many years of happy weaving there. :)


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