A Sigh of Relief

I've finally finished the Christmas tea towels, which was the last holiday project on my "to do list."  I know, I know, there's plenty of time between now and the holidays to weave more, and I'm not saying I won't.  I've been pushing myself pretty hard to get some things done, and this was the last project that I really REALLY wanted to complete in time for Christmas sales.  Nothing takes the fun out of the holidays like working frantically in the weeks prior.

This weave structure is known as rosepath, and it consists of a background "tabby" or plain weave cloth made with a fine yarn, with the pattern "floating" on top of it, woven with a thicker yarn.  The background yarn helps hold the pattern yarn in place.  There are all kinds of possibilities with this structure, and I'm sure I will attempt some of them in the future.  It was slow weaving in the pattern areas for me, but the rest of the towels went so quickly that it made for a fairly fast project.  Here are some photos showing a finished towel.

These will go up in my shop soon, after I show them around a bit.  They are fairly large towels, measuring 17.75" X 27.75."

The other reason why I wanted to let up on the crafting a bit is because I dropped my other weaving related project like a hot potato the minute I was invited to the craft fair - the painting of my weaving room ("studio" sounds so pretentious, does it not??).  I was really enjoying seeing the room transform into something more light and bright and welcoming while I was painting, so I would love to get that started again.  This gives you an idea of how it was left.

The majority of the room is bead board, with three colors involved, not counting the new paint.  The knee walls are dark natural, the slanted part of the ceiling I had painted an ecru ages ago when we redid the room for my son, and the narrow bit of flat ceiling was painted white.  The plan is to paint both parts of the ceiling white, with the blue/purple everywhere else except the wall behind my loom, which is also the only sheetrock wall.  I'm going to paint that one a much lighter shade of purple to help reflect more light into the room, since that wall is directly across from the only window.  We also purchased a large tubular skylight years ago to help brighten the room, but like most projects in this house, it is still waiting to be installed.  In the meantime, its box makes a great warping board stand!

And finally, I wish all of my American friends a most happy Thanksgiving next week, filled with family, friends and wonderful food!  It's my favorite holiday, I think, despite my dietary challenges, because it comes with little to no "baggage." I'm always happy when the house is filled with wonderful smells, and I'm surrounded by my family!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'd love to hear from you.