Slowly But Surely, and a New Adventure

So, first the adventure.  I've finally started to knit my toe up socks from my spindle spun, chain plied yarn!  (I know, not much of an adventure, but I take what I can get).  You remember this fiber from a few months back:
And the final skeins:
I've just started a pair of toe up socks using "David's Toe Up Sock Recipe" pattern, free on Ravelry.  I had a few issues, because I've knit  ALOT of cuff down socks, and my brain kept thinking that his instructions must be wrong, so I'd try to modify on the fly.  Big mistake.  Trust the pattern, and it all comes out well.  So here's the first progress shot:
The best thing is, you can try it on as you knit it, so the custom fitting works well. The worst part - you have to swatch, every knitters nightmare.  But the extra effort is worth it.  Now that September is upon us, I'm yearning for socks and turtlenecks!

On the weaving front, I've completed weaving the first two Drall scarves, and have just started the third.  I want to thank everyone for their input regarding color choices  - it's times like that that Facebook comes in handy!  I decided to go with the turquoise (which is alot more bright than portrayed here):
the sapphire blue:
and the plum:
It's hard to get a good photo of these, but once they are off the loom, I'm sure they will look great.

I've also heard back from the shop in Tenants Harbor, and they are looking for more handwovens.  Her sales have doubled this year, but I haven't given her much to sell, since I was weaving for my son's wedding (13 days and counting!!), and taking a bit of a break.  But now she wants more scarves and towels for her holiday sales, plus I have a holiday craft fair to attend in early November, so I'm starting to feel increasing pressure to produce.  I'll have to start mapping out what I can accomplish in the next couple of months without getting too burned out.  It IS supposed to be fun, right??

Thanks for stopping by!!  I look forward to your comments.


  1. YES! It's supposed to be fun. :) Don't let it become just a job. Love your sock knitting, and your drall scarves are beautiful!

  2. The socks are looking wonderful so far! Weaving is something that I am super curious about in a trying so hard not to get interested way. Mostly because I don't have money to buy a loom right now. Same with a spinning wheel. Those scarves look like they will be beautiful!

  3. I had similar distrust issues with toe-up socks, but am trying to get over it. On your drall scarves the selvedges are so perfect! Are you doing something special to get such neat edges? I'm assuming you're using at least one strand for a floating selvedge.

    1. Yes, Judy, I used 1 floating selvedge on each side. I'm not sure why the selvedges came out so well - I usually struggle with that aspect of weaving. Just dumb luck??? Anyway, thanks so much for your comment!


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