Gothic Cross Scarves, and a New Gadget!

I finally, finally, finally have finished weaving these scarves!  These have been the most tedious thing I have ever woven, so I'm glad to get them off the loom.  They still need to be wet finished, but that will wait for another day.

Here is a photo showing both sides at once.  You can see that there is a bolder side on top, and a slightly less in-your-face design underneath.  That is the one that I was looking at while I was weaving.

The warp is 10/2 bamboo in silver, and the weft if 8/2 black tencel.  They already feel more silky than scarves woven of all tencel, so I anticipate a lovely hand once they have been washed and ironed.

And my new gadget?  It's my fringe twister!  And I've actually owned it for almost a year, I think, but it's taken me this long to need to use it.  It was awkward at first, but there was a definite time savings.  I got all fringes twisted this afternoon, and the most I've done manually has been one scarf's worth in one sitting.  It will definitely be used more in the future, although I think I will still hem some scarves.

Another thing that has been taking my attention away from weaving has, alas, been spinning.  And hot flashes.  But since you don't want to see a photo of THOSE, I'll show you the fiber that was the most wonderful to spin.  It's called Tomato Bug, dyed by Spunky Eclectic on Portuguese Merino.  It's my first short staple wool, and it spun itself!  I don't know why I had shied away from them before.  Just great.

They are my first singles yarn, and I'm knitting them into a shawl.  So far they are holding together fine, and the striping is marvelous.  For now you'll have to imagine how it looks.  I'll try to post an update photo when I'm a bit further along.

I have a question for you all out there.  I had no intention of attending any holiday fairs this year, but got an invite from a great group at work, so I need to start ramping up the weaving.  What sorts of things should I go for?  Some scarves and towels, I think, but holiday themed?  Placemats?  Any handknits or handspun? What sorts of things would you like to see at a Christmas craft fair?

Thanks for visiting, and I promise I will try to be more regular in my blogging next time!


  1. LOVE the scarves! Wonderful! Thanks for the blog visit - I'll reply to you there, but I never know if people get notified of a reply or not...

  2. I want to thank you for the nice note you left on my blog. Thanks so much for your sentiments - I will always miss Charlie and I've decided to leave him on my banner because he was always in my studio as I wove. As for sales, I only know dishtowels and they have sold well for me.


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