Juuussstt about there.

The wedding table linens are almost done.  Well, the weaving part is complete, but I still have some warp leftover on the loom, so I need to do some more weaving before I can remove the cloth from the loom.  When I do that, there will still be sewing, cutting, pinning, more sewing, and laundering to do before I can officially call them complete.  I really like how they are coming out, though they are still a slow weave.
This next photo shows some of the already woven cloth wrapped on the cloth beam.  I sometimes bump my knees against this as I weave, because there is so much there.
On the knitting front, my handspun sweater is done!!  All that is left is the blocking and buttons, and since I don't actually have the buttons yet, the blocking will have to wait.  But it fits!  (Yes, I sound like that obnoxious ad for soup). And I love how the colors change, much like the season the yarn is meant to represent.