As another craft fair approaches, I find myself spending way too much time on things that are no fun, the "administrivia" part of my hobby.  For example, all morning, and a bit of the afternoon, I have been ironing, pricing, and labelling items for the upcoming fair on November 19 - YUCK!  It never seems like it should take very long, but you'd be surprised how time consuming, and therefore tedious these jobs can be.  The good news is, I think I'm done with it, at least for this show, although I might find time to knit a few more earwarmers.  Sorry, no photos of those yet.  And I can't show you what I've been working on at the loom lately, because it is going to be a holiday surprise for someone.  I CAN let you know that I've woven two more of the undulating twill scarves that I created a few months ago.  The one I wove a couple of months ago had sold at a sale at the Botanical Gardens during an Open House and sale put on by the Maine Fiberarts folks.  Here is a photo of the scarf:

Not only did the scarf sell, but so did my purple Snowflake Shawl.  Gratuitous photo:

I was pretty proud that they both sold, since not many of the artists represented sold both of the items they were allowed to display.

I don't have the yarns on hand to weave another shawl right now, but I'm sure I will someday, because the interplay of the two shades of purple is quite stunning. 

My Etsy shop ( now has one of the blue and white tencel scarves, at least until I shut it down temporarily for the fair.
 I'm looking forward to being rid of the pressure to weave, weave, weave to stock up for the holidays.  It will be nice to pace myself a bit, and, oh, I don't know, take a bit of time off from the loom.  At least I can relieve some of that stress just by watching our oh-so-playful kitty.  He never fails to bring a smile to my face when he turns on the charm!
See what I mean?