A Major Project Finished!

There hasn't been any time for me to update you on my weaving and other projects, because I've been going all out trying to finish up a sweater that my younger son asked for in August.  Now, I haven't done much complicated knitting lately - mostly hats and mittens for craft fairs.  He chose a sweater in an all-over cable pattern that made me a bit nervous about how long it would take to complete.  I purchased the yarn at www.knitpicks.com, and chose Wool of the Andes in a worsted prep.  I was a worried that the yarn might be scratchy, because the price was very reasonable, but it is a nice soft wool that can go against your skin.  He chose the "Mink" colorway - expensive taste!

Turns out I was justified in worrying about the knitting.  I had all but finished the first sleeve, and had thought it seemed a bit stiff as I knit it, but it stretched just fine, so happily kept knitting.  It wasn't until I stopped knitting in the round that it hit me that I was using the wrong needles!  Yep, knit the whole sleeve with size 4, rather than 7's!  Had to rip out the whole thing.  So this was the start of my second sleeve"

  And when both sleeves were finished:

I then started the body, which is knit in the round.  The pattern seen on the front is mirrored on the back, but there is a different pattern than runs down the sides, joining the front and back patterns. There were lots of mistakes to be corrected with this sweater!
I got up to the armholes, which is where you stop knitting in the round and just do the front and back separately, knitting back and forth.  I misunderstood the text about decreasing, and so had to rip out 34 rows of the back.  I tell you, this sweater has caused alot of gray hairs!

The finished sweater, unblocked:

And on the best blocking "mat" ever (excuse the pun!):
He expecially likes the fact that the neckline is a bit lower than usual.

On the weaving front, I've nearly completed the project that shall remain nameless at present, and have started to measure yarn for more chenille scarves.  I'm hoping they will be a quick project, because one of the stores that sells my goods has sold out all of my scarves and she wants more, quickly!  I don't think I can meet the demand, however, because I do have that craft fair coming up in less than a month, and I need to weave more towels for that pretty soon.
Must get busy!  One of the advantages of knitting the sweater was that I could take it to work and pick away at it during slow moments.  No such luck with the loom (or spinning wheel, for that matter).